May 26, 2008

Visitors Arrive and We Visit The Haven

Today is Memorial Day. Carol and her friend A (formerly known as O, which stands for Orville) checked into Pedro's Motor Inn today after attending a NASCAR race over the weekend. A is from Canada...get it, eh?

Here we are trying out Peddler's Steakhouse at South of the Border. We love Outback Steakhouse...Outback it ain't.
Next we went to the Waffle House. But we didn't eat any waffles.
Based on our recommendation, they were excited to go up Sombrero Tower. Our SECOND trip up was double the fun.
We ran into an Elton John impersonator who treated us to an ocapela version of the 1983 hit I'm Still Standing.
Carol and Doug tried on a little color.
That was obviously NOT a hungry, hungry hippo.

On Tuesday, Carol and Orville left us for Myrtle Beach.
I've fallen and I can't get up!
Okay, I can...for food.
We didn't think we should leave our new kitty friend at Pedro's Campground, so we packed her up and dropped her off at Raeford, North Carolina's The Haven-Friends For Life No-Kill Animal Shelter.

Here's one of The Haven's cathouses.
The Haven is an extraordinary shelter run by Linden Spears. Linden moved to the Raeford area to raise horses on her farm but saw the need to save some animals.

And save them she does. At any given time, The Haven houses approximately 500 cats and 1,000 dogs!

Learn more about The Haven and the challenges it faces at .

The Haven was recently gifted 10 of these Pawsidential Suites which will serve as home to 60 lucky cats. The Suites were donated by The Diane Warren Foundation run by songwriter Diane Warren.
It is almost guaranteed that every person (at least in America) knows many of Diane's songs whether they realize it or not. Check her website out at and learn more about this supporter of both animal and human rights.
Oh...and don't worry about this little one.
Doug will soon sign a long-term contract upgrading her from guest star to regular.

To be continued...

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