April 22, 2008

Leaving Theme World for the Monaco Service Center

Well, our 189 nights at Theme World RV Resort and Davenport, Florida have come to an end. We'll return to Theme World and Epcot next September.

But right now...we're heading out...

We are heading back to Wildwood, Florida for another visit to the Monaco Service Center. This visit will be brief, though, as the issues are minor.

Here we are...we made it. There were really no pictures to take on our way here...just about 50 miles of Florida Turnpike and other toll roads amounting to about $10 in tolls. Oh...the good old days of quarter tolls are all but gone.

Although the trip was very upsetting for the smaller members of our traveling party, they WERE happy to see different stuff out the front window.

There's Knight now being worked on.

On the 2nd day of our visit, we decided to let Chatfield and Sammy roam free while the work was being done. They seemed to enjoy sitting there, when they weren't sleeping.

A few of Monaco's service staff who took care of us---

Chuck...who finished off our short list in no time.

Proud Grandma Debra...

So proud that there are at least a couple of places in the building you can find loads of her grandkids' pictures, including her newest born in December.

Vicki...the sometimes receptionist...sometimes concierge...depending on the month and the year.

and there's Inez...

The circle on her forehead is NOT a big Band-Aid. In certain light, the camera puts this circle in the image and we never find out until later when the picture is enlarged on the computer screen. Inez was tired and looking forward to a four day weekend.

Thanks to everybody at the Monaco Service Center!

We stayed a 3rd night at the campground in order to get a fresh start on Friday morning for our drive to Ormond Beach, Florida, just north of Daytona.

For a few more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/april/leaving-themeworld-/ .

To be continued...

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Wendalyn said...

You know, I've always heard that the circles of light that show up in pictures are spirits that were caught by the light. (I took a class in college called Magic, Witchcraft and Religion and we had a professional ghost chaser come and present... LOL.) Maybe that place is haunted!