May 11, 2008

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Today we drove just a few minutes down the road to the Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive which is part of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge includes portions of 13 former rice plantations.
We found some wildlife here at the Wildlife Refuge. Imagine that!

Here is an alligator head.

Can you find the wildlife in this picture?

We found a cave man who dressed in a fashion popular in the 1980's.

We found some birds who appeared ready to attack like those in that old movie.

We found an alligator butt.

We were able to sneak up on this turtle and snap a few shots before he ran away.

We got to the refuge about an hour before the gate would close...shocking for us. So we did not get to ride our bicycles...also shocking for us. But we did have transportation in case our car was disabled.

Gotta get out fast now. The gate will automatically close any minute now.

The refuge had a lot of lily pad type things in the water.

The last wildlife we saw that day...

We decided to take them home as pets.

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To be continued...

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