May 7, 2008

Savannah Humane Society

After visiting Oatland Island Wildlife Center, we decided to visit animals in need of help. We headed over to the Savannah Humane Society.

This well-kept facility is completely sustained by private funds. If you can't adopt a pet, at least shop in their Thrift Store.

We found several resident felines looking for a home.
There has to be at least one you can't resist...

These professional runway models posed picture-perfect to prove they are ready for your love and affection.

Even odd looking cats deserve a good home.

Another coverboy...

Hurry up...I'm sleepy.


Who are you?

Let me out of here!

For cats and kittens just like these, visit your nearest shelter or humane society.

As Bob Barker says, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."

The solution to the ever-increasing pet population in both shelters worldwide and the wild is to spay and neuter. Remember...animals don't have control over this...PEOPLE do.

3 to 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year in animal shelters worldwide due to the negligence of humans who refuse to spay and neuter their pets. Do the right thing...

View a few of the cats at the Savannah Humane Society in the second half of this video.
For more pictures, go to
pictures 91-117.

To be continued...

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