May 25, 2008

Pedro's South of the Border Pt. 2

Now it was time to go to the top of Sombrero Tower to find...

the panoramic view of beauty that IS South of the Border.
This is the view south toward Dillon, South Carolina. About 1/2 mile down the road are about a dozen run-down strip clubs which mostly appear to be abandoned. Dirty old men just don't come here anymore like they used to.

I-95...the highway of hundreds of South of the Border billboards that start hawking Pedro as far as 175 miles away.

Here's the one you see if you miss the exit.

We are sure you want a video from the top of the here it is.
Marlon and his big red dog.

South of the Border even features a pet toilet.

Pedro greets you as you enter the parking lot.

At night, South of the Border becomes a plethora of neon lights.

They even have neon that appears to just hover in the air attached to nothing.

Don't be fooled by Pedro's Coffee Shop. There might be a coffee pot sitting on the back counter, but this is one of the big gift shops...including the goofy (not Goofy) hat shop. There hasn't been a meal served in this building for years.

Here's the lighted bridge which serves as the walkway between Pedro's Motor Inn and Golf of Mexico (which seems to be permanently closed).

The campground office took over the building formerly known as Pedro's Southern Fried Chicken.

Have you ever seen the top of our motorhome?

Now you have.

What is this...a cute cuddly kitty?

She was definitely a very hungry we fed her.

For more pictures, go to pictures 55-119.

To be continued...

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