May 10, 2008

Parris Island, South Carolina Pt. 1

Today we headed over to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island where they proudly proclaim, "We Make Marines".
At least one million Marine Corps recruits have been trained on Parris Island since training began here in 1915, when recruits arrived by boat.

The Parris Island Museum is an excellent source of historical information on the island and the Marines.

The oldest marine to be trained on Parris Island was 50 year old, future Illinois Senator Paul H. Douglas.

On display at the museum, you will find uniforms from all eras of the 233 year history of the Marines.

Parris Island is THE place female recruits from all over the US receive their initial training. Generally, only male recruits living east of the Mississippi train here with those living west of the Mississippi training in San Diego.

Prior to training recruits, Parris Island served as a training center for corps officers. Here's a picture of the first graduating class of officers in 1909.

Uniforms from the World War II through the Gulf War...

New recruits assemble on the ground floor of the Parris Island Museum for a museum orientation.

Brand new exhibits at the museum feature the Global War on Terrorism.

Did you know the Marines have, on occasion, been called upon by the President of the United States to protect the U.S. Mail?

New recruits perform drills many hours of the day.
One of the training obstacle courses...
Rifle formations...
"Iron Mike" is a memorial to Parris Island Marines who gave their lives in World War I.
"Molly Marine" is dedicated to the service of all Women Marines.
Check out the video below for some Parris Island footage...

To be continued...

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