May 10, 2008

Parris Island Pt. 2 and Beaufort, South Carolina

Next we headed down Parris Island's History and Nature Trails and found a few items of interest.

These are the remains of a Brewster Buccaneer Scout Bomber which crashed in 1943 near Page Field. Both crewmen survived the crash.

Marlon gives up...he can't read Spanish.

Little does he notice that the bottom half of the sign is in English and says it is a tribute to the Spaniards who made their mark here between 1566 and 1587.

We found this rattlesnake along the trail and decided to take it home as a pet.

In the mud on Parris Island you'll see and hear thousands of creepy little fiddler crabs. They eat delicious decaying plant and animal matter sifted from sand and mud.

The lighthouse keeper used to live here.

We came across this bird and decided to take it home as a pet.

Recruits were training on the rifle range...

but still not training on the obstacle course. This obstacle course is called Leatherneck Square.

This is a tribute to all past and present, nice and mean, Marine Corps drill instructors.

This familiar monument commemorates the 1945 flag raising at Iwo Jima.

This version, constructed of coated plaster, was used to raise money for the much larger bronze version erected in Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C.

A brief video of Parris Island...

Next we took a short drive to nearby Beaufort, South Carolina (that's "byew-furt", not to be confused with Beaufort "bo-furt", North Carolina).

There we found this church, the First African Baptist, which originated in 1863.

We found the house used as the setting for the 1983 baby boomer movie "The Big Chill" starring Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly and JoBeth Williams.

The same house was also used in the 1979 film "The Great Santini".

Finally, we located this house which was used in the filming of the 1991 Barbra Streisand-Nick Nolte feature "The Prince of Tides".

For more pictures of items in this entry, go to pictures 46-96.

To be continued...

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