May 7, 2008

Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

Today, our neverending quest to see animals found us at Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah.

Doug attempts to locate wildlife at the Wetlands Observation Pier.

Oatland Island's buildings date from the early 1900's and were, in order, a retirement home, then a public health service hospital, then a laboratory for research by the Center for Disease Control. The CDC left the facility in the early 1970's and the Oatland Island Education Center was born shortly thereafter.

Did you know that the temperature of the alligator eggs inside this nest mound will determine whether the baby alligators are male or female? 91 degrees or higher results in males. 85 degrees or cooler will result in females. Temperatures in between result in a mixture!

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is essentially a hiking zoo. Hiking trails, often looking like the one pictured below, end at the next animal exhibit.

This walkway through the marshlands is plagued with homeless bums.

This bobcat would love to have a bum for breakfast.

This bald eagle was somewhat confused when we recorded his call and played it back for him.

Marlon reminisces about his time in the egg.

That turkey won't stop trying to touch my feathers!

Got an itch? This fence will have to do!

Chatfield was so skinny when we first found him at the state park. Now look at him.

Do you have any tasty shoelaces I might eat?

The grounds have 2 cabins which date to the 1830's and are the setting of many of the Center's special events.

This cool lookout tower was not in the proper condition to climb. Hope they renovate it in the future.

Check out Marlon's video of Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah below.

For more pictures, go to pictures 1-90.

To be continued...

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