May 3, 2008

Jekyll Island, Georgia Finale

On our final drive around Jekyll Island, we found a couple items that might be fun to rent while visiting.

First-for those wanting exercise, these rental bicycles-surreys-are becoming more and more common. At $16.50 per hour, it would be a reasonably priced activity.

On the other hand, the RedBug-which is actually a GEM Car-can be rented for $50 for 2 hours with a maximum 25 miles driven. This price is not too much more than the surrey above and is great for those unable or unwilling to provide their own power.
In 1888, Jekyll Island became the home of a segregated private club for the very rich when The Jekyll Island Club officially opened its doors.

The exclusive membership limited to 100, included Morgans, Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, among others. Many of the "vacation homes" of the members are beautifully restored in the Historic District.
The Club is credited by many as being the location of the origin of The Federal Reserve System. Filmmaker G. Edward Griffin documents this historic event in his 1993 movie and 1994 book "The Creature from Jekyll Island".

The Moss Cottage, named for the Spanish Moss trees surrounding the property, was built in 1896 and originally owned by Philadelphia businessman William Strothers.
The Jekyll Island Club thrived until The Great Depression, but continued to survive until 1942 when World War II caused The Club to close its doors. In 1947, the State of Georgia condemned the island and purchased it for $675,000 with plans to make the island a state park.

This is the Indian Mound Cottage. Formerly owned by Standard Oil executive William Rockefeller, this would become the site of the island's first museum.

Oh, to be able to own such a "cottage"...
Leaving Jekyll Island, we found a sign not seen too often. Beware of Terrapin Turtles crossing this road from May to July.
For more pictures, go to pictures 167-180.

To be continued...

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