May 3, 2008

Jekyll Island Campground and Civil War Encampment

After watching some of the triathletes finish the race, we drove around the island for awhile and found the Jekyll Island Campground.

No satellite dishes here.

Probably aren't going to be any satellite dishes up ahead either at the Civil War Encampment.

No, these guys don't look interested in no satellites. They are going to demonstrate cannon shooting instead.

The Encampment took place on the grounds of the Horton House Ruins. The house was built by Major William Horton in the late 1730's. In 1743, he became commander of the English military forces of the Colony of Georgia until his death in 1748.

The ladies of the encampment demonstrate the latest in quilting and sewing.

Marlon wanted to trade in the motorhome for the comforts of this Civil War tent but I was able to make him reconsider.

The troops give some formation demonstrations.

The cook prepares a stew for dinner over hot coals.

Marlon and I did not know what these were. Do you?

Apparently they are oyster shells. Piles of oyster shells are a very common sight in this area.

For a video of the Civil War Encampment, click below.

For more pictures, go to pictures 77-110.

To be continued...

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