May 15, 2008

Edisto Memorial Gardens, Orangeburg, South Carolina

Next, we drove to the City of Orangeburg to check out the Edisto Memorial Gardens.

The gardens were originally developed in the 1920's.

In 1951, the first rose garden was planted. From then to now, the garden has grown to more than 50 rose beds featuring over 4000 plants and at least 75 different varieties of roses!

The Edisto Memorial Gardens are one of only 23 official test gardens in the United States and introduces up to five different hybrid roses every year.

Statuary is abundant in the gardens.

See...Doug was really there.

The Orangeburg Festival of Roses is held every year to celebrate the garden's blooming.

We don't think we have ever seen a rose tree before.

This paddle wheel can be viewed from the 2,600 foot boardwalk which meanders through the nearby Horne Wetlands Park.

Marlon was really there!

The boardwalk runs along the north fork of the Edisto River.

More statuary surrounds the garden's pond.

These, and their doodoo, also surrounded the garden's pond.

Brand new little ducklings waddled around.

On the lookout for intruders.

Darn goose poop on my foot...

This War Memorial stands at the entrance to the Gardens.

For more pictures, go to pictures 89-142.

To be continued...

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