May 15, 2008

Bee City, Cottageville, South Carolina

Today we continued our search for the neatest small zoos and petting farms in America by heading down to Cottageville, South Carolina.

First we stepped out of the Knight and were greeted by this cute little fellow.

Then we headed to Bee City, USA in the small town of Cottageville...a small town with a huge population.

The retirement project of E. A. Biering provides both kids and adults alike a neat, inexpensive way to while away half the day.

If you or your children like to feed animals hands-on, you will most definitely like Bee City.

No...that is not an exotic variety of bee Doug is feeding.

Mother and children look longingly at our monkey-o's, which look eerily similar to a popular cereal shaped like the letter "o".

Give me an "o"!

This monkey is trained to work hard for his monkey-o's. Every time someone places one in his bucket, he has to reel it in.

Marlon offers a tasty morsel to his new friend. We decided to take this one home as a pet.

We were thinking about eating in the Bee City Cafe when we saw this 3-piece chicken dinner special.

We passed on the special and found these little chicks running around the coop.

This emu wasn't interested in monkey-o's. It wanted to stick its head in our cup of food pellets, so we let it.

Bucky beaver wanted to eat some pellets too. We recommended a dentist for the poor guy's underbite.

This baby horse was not interested in pellets, but was looking for a little stability.

Next, we ran into this little band playing some swamp music.

Even the fish were dancing.

Look closely and you can see Baby Wallaby in its mother's pouch.

This serval is a wild cat of the African Savannah (not the Georgian Savannah).

What would Bee City be without...well, bees?!

What would Bee City be without...well, buildings?!

What would Bee City be without...well, a video?!
For more pictures of Bee City, go to pictures 1-88.

To be continued...

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