April 27, 2008

Old St. Augustine Village

Next we headed over to the heart of downtown St. Augustine.

Behind this wall you will find Old St. Augustine Village.

Also known as The Dow Museum of Historic Houses, named after founder Kenneth Worcester Dow, the Village is comprised of nine historic homes dating from 1790 to 1910.

The houses are arranged on one city block with courtyards and sideyards similar to the era represented.

Marlon thinks.

Most (if not all) of the houses of this era featured wooden stoves similar to this one for cooking and heating.

This is the second floor of the Prince Murat House. Prince Achille Murat, living within these walls in the 1820's, was this house's most famous occupant. Nephew of Napoleon, the Prince came to marry great-grandniece of George Washington, Catherine Gray. Through her marriage to Prince Murat, Catherine became the first American-born princess.

Here Marlon attempts to demonstrate his resemblance to who we believe is Prince Murat's uncle, Napolean Bonaparte. The resemblance is uncanny.

Making music on this harp is harder than it looks. No harm came to this stringless harp in the taking of this photograph.

Fountains and chairs in the courtyards outside the houses make for a quiet place to relax.

Wildlife was abundant in Old St. Augustine Village.

It was on this site, now part of Old St. Augustine Village, that President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was officially issued in Florida.

This room is part of The Carpenter House. The Carpenter House has a unique lean to it which resulted when it detached from its foundation most likely during a 1944 hurricane and flood.

A typical bathroom of the early 1900's, when running water was available of course. Note the apparent lack of storage as compared to most modern bathrooms with vanities. And no shower here.

The streets surrounding old St. Augustine Village were of the original cobblestone variety.

For more pictures of Old St. Augustine Village, go to
http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/april/st-augustine-florida/ pictures 98-178.

To be continued...

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