April 27, 2008

Old Jail of St. Augustine, Florida

After visiting The Fountain of Youth, we headed just down the street to see St. Augustine's Old Jail up close...

Doug got to see it up close AND personal when he got to occupy the birdcage.

Built by the same company that would later build the infamous Alcatraz, this old jail featured the gallows for the really bad criminals.

Doug tried out a bunk in Maximum Security.

Marlon experienced the insanity of solitary confinement first-hand.

This is said to be the only known photograph of Sheriff Joe Perry who served as St. Augustine's sheriff from 1889-1897 and 1901-1919. Seems strange he was voted out one term in between.

Marlon rests in a general jail population cell.

Different varieties of cuffs and shackles used throughout the years.

The sheriff's family resided at The Old Jail. This was their parlor located on the ground floor near Maximum Security.

The family's bedrooms were on the upper level near the general jail population.

This is the children's bedroom. A display in the living quarters stated that "the children knew that danger lurked on the other side of the wall and said their prayers nightly."

Here's a video from The Fountain of Youth and The Old Jail. For more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/april/st-augustine-florida/ pictures 64-97.

To be continued...

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