April 30, 2008

Historic St. Marys, Georgia

The water tower welcomes us to Historic St. Marys, Georgia.

The First Presbyterian Church of St. Marys recently celebrated its 200th anniversary.

Marlon sits near the spot where six oak trees were planted in 1799 as a memorial following the death of President George Washington.

Orange Hall is an example of Greek Revival Architecture!

Doug shows off his newly-purchased Passport to Your National Parks.

Many of the houses located on the main street of St. Marys, Osborne Street, are now B & Bs or cafes.

The community waterfront park opened in 2001.

Viewing the St. Marys River from the St. Mary's Waterfront Park.

Listen to the bells of The First Presbyterian Church of St. Marys in this video.
For more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/april/historic-st-marys-g/ .

To be continued...

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