April 15, 2008

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Pt 1

Tax day. As Doug stayed home with a bad cold and slept all day, Marlon went to take a look around the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.
The festival is 75 days long, lasting from March 19-June 1.

Here's one of the Epcot cast members right now working hard to get the park "show ready".

Actually, he is "Man and Wheel Borrow" (yes, Frank and Sean, "borrow) by artist Peter Otfinoski. See more of his work at http://otfinoski.tripod.com/main.htm .

This exhibit was located just outside of MouseGear where we worked.

Can you imagine how long it takes to build a sand castle with so much detail?

What will happen if it rains?

These water-dwelling plants were featured as were xeriscape plants---plants that need little or no water.

This train exhibit was inside the Festival Center located in the Wonders of Life pavilion.

Welcome to Minnie's Magnificent Butterfly Garden.

Wow! What a large butterfly!

Here are some butterflies in the very early stages of their life, which can range from one week long up to one year for some species.

Gardens near the Odyssey Restaurant building. Take note of the (not-so) Hidden Mickey.

To be continued...

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