March 8, 2008

Marlon, Frank, Joyce, Aron & Austin Visit Epcot

While Doug worked at MouseGear, the largest store at Epcot, Marlon and Frank's family came to visit the park.

Aron, Joyce, Frank and Austin take a moment in front of the park icon, Spaceship Earth.

Joyce shows off her new Tinkerbell hoodie purchased today because it was windy and cool.

Austin and Aron are building a robot in Future World's Innoventions East. They are in the Design Studio of Fantastic Plastics Works presented by the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. (SPI).

Now father and sons are racing their robot against other guests' robots in a virtual roadrace.

After guests race their robots, they get a chance to physically assemble a robot from its various parts.

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival was getting ready to debut on March 19th. Some of the topiary featured in the Festival was already on display.

From the 1955 Disney movie, here's that famous cocker spaniel, Lady...

and her love, the lock-picking mutt himself, Tramp.

Marlon also ran into The Three Caballeros.

Here's Panchito Pistoles who lives in Mexico and rides a horse named Senor Martinez. He is also known for having fallen for Clara Cluck.

Jose Carioca remains very famous to this day, starring in his own Brazilian comic book. He appears alongside Mickey and Donald in Brazilian Disney comics.

Donald Duck was also on hand...he was preparing for his birthday which was five days later on March 13th. Happy Birthday Donald! How old are you anyway?

For a sneak peek of the newly refurbished Spaceship Earth's conclusion, click on the video below. For a few more pictures, go to .

To be continued...

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