March 15, 2008

Eagle Ridge Mall & Bowling

We met Frank, Joyce, Aron & Austin at Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales today for dinner at Garfield's.

Before dinner, Aron and Austin took their ride on the merry go round. Aron spun their car too fast, though, and gave Austin a headache.

After eating, we headed over to see who was the best bowler.

Joyce claps for Austin as Frank and Marlon (in Doug's shirt) pose for the camera.

Dad congratulates Austin on a nice frame.

Time for a big gulp.

Austin demonstrates how his finger fits right in his ear.

Promptly at 9pm, the lights went out for Rock & Bowl. The music was turned up and all of us adults realized how old we had become.

We finished bowling and determined that Frank was probably the best bowler.

But...Austin was the best game player as he used The Claw to snag himself Scooby Doo.

$40 of tokens later and we had won enough tickets for about $1 worth of candy. Man, we're good!

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To be continued...

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