March 10, 2008

Cats as Protectors and Pottiers

There was a noise outside the RV tonight. Luckily, Chatfield, our watch cat, was there. Sammy looked on as Chatfield bravely investigated the sound and assured us there was nothing to fear.

One of our favorite things about living in our motorhome has to be cleaning up after our favorite pets...NOT. They leave their hair everywhere, as well as hairballs and ,sometimes, both digested and undigested food.

On top of that...they go to the bathroom a lot. Cleaning the litter box is one of our least favorite chores around the house. So we decided maybe we could train them to use the toilet.

So far, as you can see, we have gotten Chatfield to sit on the toilet. But he can't figure out how to open the lid or what that roll of paper is used for.

Sammy, on the other hand, wasn't interested at all in potty training.

But she did decide a little cleaning was in order.

She likely followed that with a little cat nap.

Are we fascinated by our cats or what? More pictures at .

To be continued...

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