February 1, 2008

Lake Louisa State Park and Funny Cats

This morning we all slept in. In the afternoon, we headed to Lake Louisa State Park. About 25 miles away, it is the closest State Park to Theme World.

Lake Louisa State Park actually contains 5 different lakes-Hammond Lake, Dixie Lake, Dude Lake, Bear Lake and the largest, Lake Louisa.

We caught a glimpse of these Bambi look-alikes not far from the road.

Lake Louisa has a large beach area for sunbathing and swimming.

Angie and Trina were unable to do much sunbathing as it was cloudy and raining off and on.

In addition to live oaks and saw palmettos, this park also features an abundance of bald cypress trees like this one covered in spanish moss.

Spanish moss can be found from the southeastern United States all the way down to Argentina. The plant lacks roots and absorbs nutrients and water from the air and rainfall. While the plant does not feed on the tree (thereby killing it) it does block sunlight from the tree thereby slowing its growth rate.

Spanish moss can be a nesting ground for chiggers, rat snakes and three species of bats. Yikes!

Chatfield searched and searched for a nice soft place to lay.

Ferocious watch-cat Sammy prepares for the pounce.

Chatfield loves hair gel.

For a few more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/february/lake-louisa-state-p/ .

To be continued...

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