February 10, 2008

Epcot with David and Bobby

Today we took David and Bobby to Epcot.

While there, we observed Epcot's Fountain of Nations. On opening day in 1982, representatives from 22 nations each brought one gallon of water from their homeland to pour into the fountain as a symbolic gesture of unity. At the 25th anniversary of Epcot in 2007, this ceremony was repeated.

Then we ventured on to see if and how Marlon, David and Bobby could learn to be better at Living with the Land.

They could grow eggplant...would they then eat it?

They could grow tomato trees like this one previously featured on the blog which has yielded over 30,000 tomatoes. They would have to give away at least 20,000 of them to friends!
I think David thought it was Dale encouraging him to be kind and learn to Live with the Land while we dined at Chip and Dale's Harvest Feast Garden Grill. Little did he know it was REALLY Chip (the black nose gives him away, David!).

Chip then tried to help Doug decide what to order but had the last laugh when all the food on the menu was served family style.

These are some of the animals waiting to be served as marinated flank steak as seen from our table in the rotating restaurant.

These particular ones probably won't make it to the table if the Disney Imagineers have anything to say about it. They would probably be kind of tough anyway.

Bobby, David and Marlon are stuffed. Man, they're good at getting their plates clean. Their parents taught them well.

Pluto was so surprised because even HE can't clean his plate that good...and he has a big tongue!

Mickey stopped by between all the parades and all the autographs to show off his new hay baling outfit.

After filling up, we went to see if we could lose it all on Test Track. Here Marlon tries out acting like a test dummy.

Pretty good, huh?

Then on our way to find Donald in The Three Caballeros Marlon proved his neck wouldn't snap under the weight of a 10-gallon hat.

A little trivia: The Three Caballeros, who star in the ride at the Mexico Pavilion, starred in a 1945 animated feature of the same name. It was one of Disney's first movies to combine animation with live-action.

Similar to the Fountain of Nations, water from major rivers around the world was emptied into the World Showcase Lagoon in a ceremony on Opening Day in 1982.

The Celtic band, Off Kilter, performs in the Canada Pavilion of the World Showcase in the video below.
For more pictures, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2008/february/epcot-with-david-an/ .

To be continued...

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