January 9, 2008

Return to Cypress Gardens Adventure Park Part 1

We decided to return to Cypress Gardens today to see some of the park we had missed the first visit.

Here's a quick view of Topiary Trail as we walk toward the botanical gardens.

A swan...

A duck...

A waterfall...

Pictures of the Cypress Gardens Botanical Gardens.

A bridge spans a babbling brook...

Don't drink out of the babbling brook.

The cypress trees from which Cypress Gardens gets its name.

The huge 70 year old banyan tree of Cypress Gardens.

As promised in the prior blog, today we rode the Sunshine Sky Adventure. This is the only panoramic tower in North & South America.

The platform rises 16 stories into the air and revolves 360 degrees for a spectacular view of the park and the surrounding area.

See the next blog for the zoo section of the park.

To be continued...

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