December 3, 2007

Trip to Monaco Service Center, Wildwood, Florida

Today we headed 60 miles north of Theme World to the Monaco Service Center in Wildwood, Florida. Here we would be addressing all of our factory warranty issues which needed to be corrected in regards to our 1 year factory warranty.

They have 40 service bays at this service center along with a 40 site RV Park.

The first night we were at the service center we were parked right outside a service bay. The next day we were assigned this RV Site.

We expected to be leaving on Friday, December 7 but luck was not with us. We had to wait for some parts and ended up staying until Wednesday, December 12. We had to work at Epcot two days and made the 60 mile one way commute from the service center.

By staying, however, we were able to attend a nearby Barbecue Cookoff on Saturday. This was the first time this event had been held in Wildwood but they plan on doing it every year.

Doug had some luck when he entered a drawing and won an auto detailing kit.

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To be continued...

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