November 4, 2007

Epcot Visit #1

Today we headed to Disney's EPCOT. The park, which opened in 1982, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The first attraction we visited was The Universe of Energy where Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye "The Science Guy" take you on a trip through time to the land of dinos to learn about the origins of energy.

Over in The Land at Epcot, you take a boat ride through the Epcot greenhouse. Here they grow fruits and vegetables using the most modern techniques existing today.

This tomato tree, which has grown from a SINGLE vine, has yielded more than 32,000 tomatoes in its life---a world record! For more info on the greenhouse and the wide varieties of produce grown there visit .

Then we headed over to The Seas to see if we could help find Nemo...again!

Luckily, we WERE able to find him.

Marlon takes a break along a test dummy outside Test Track, a simulation of the road tests new cars are put through prior to being shipped for sale.

Then it was on to Mexico where we found these mariachi-playing skeletons.

Over in Italy, Marlon was excited to be chosen as the "young" hero of Romeo and Juliet. In the words of the Epcot cast members "we're looking for someone about 16 years of age...this one's seen 16 a few times over."

After his experience in acting, Marlon has decided to stick with his day job...whatever THAT is.

Here the sun begins to set over the Epcot lagoon.

The State of Oklahoma celebrates its 100th anniversary as a state this year and proud representatives of the state are at Epcot to provide tourism information.

The fountains at Epcot take on a whole different look at night.

Looking for a highlight video of our visit to Epcot? Here it is!

For more of our visit, go to .

To be continued...

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