September 15, 2007

Bath, Zoo, Santa's Workshop

Today we continued our tour of Hot Springs.

First stop was Buckstaff Baths so that Marlon and David could have the true Hot Springs bath experience. They each had a whirlpool bath, a paraffin hand treatment, hot packs and massage.

Then it was time to head up Hot Springs Mountain to look out over the city.

Then we headed on down to the Arkansas Alligator Farm & Gift Shop & Petting Zoo "Since 1902". That's one long name for one of the oldest Hot Springs attractions.

This guy was at the petting zoo. He is saying "Please feed me...please..."

This guy is saying "stay right where you are, I'll be right over and I can feed myself."

Like most cats in most zoos, this one hardly even noticed we were there.

This little guy could NOT have gotten in a better position for a picture.

See some of these animals in action in the video below.

Next we headed on over to Santa's Workshop just down the street and were entertained with the skills of store owner, glass artisan Patricia.

David commissioned her to make a glass elephant for a co-worker.

See Patricia in action making David's elephant for him in the video below.

Then we headed back to Lake Hamilton RV Park where we fed the resident ducks some more.

To see more pictures, go to .

To be continued...

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