October 5, 2007

Sasquatch Zoo, Crestview, Florida

Today we visited the Sasquatch Zoo in Crestview, Florida. This unique hands-on zoo was started in 1987 by Debbie Mattox with just goats and sheep.

Damaged by a flood of the Shoal River in 1989, the zoo was moved to its present location. Through the last 20 years, Sasquatch Zoo has added a wide variety of animals.

For $1 you can purchase a bag of Zoo Yummies to feed to the animals. And we attempted to feed them all. Some were more interested in Zoo Yummies than others.

This one would have preferred Zoo Steak or Chicken.

These raccoons, on the other hand, loved their treats.

The hardest part of feeding the critters was getting the treats through the fence from about 5 feet away. It was way too easy to actually hit the fence with the little dog food-sized treat instead of getting it through the hole.

Luckily, our bad aim didn't hinder those with long skinny arms.

Zorro and Zorra were just like two little puppies. In fact, the orange fox, Zorro, was raised from birth in Debbie's house.

Even the American Black Bear will sneak up on the little Zoo Yummie and eat it.

Skunks love Zoo Yummies so much that they don't even attempt to spray you when you make a lame attempt to get them through their double fence. The black skunk likes 'em...

and so does the white skunk.

This poor little Cottontop Tamarin didn't get a treat as his cage's mesh was too small for the Zoo Yummy to fit through.

The several big deer at Sasquatch Zoo all stared at us like this while we were holding the Zoo Yummies. They couldn't figure out why we wanted to feed them dog food.

Debbie feeds Sno-Balls to these lucky monkeys. The one taking the Sno-Ball in this picture was raised from birth in Debbie's house too.

This mother and 3-day old baby look on with interest.

For a pretty neat video we took of these and several other animals, watch the video below.

For more pictures of the Sasquatch Zoo, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2007/october/sasquatch-zoo-crest/ .

To be continued...

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