October 31, 2007

Magic Kingdom-Visit #1

Today is Halloween. We headed off early in the afternoon to take in The Magic Kingdom for the first time since arriving in the land of Disney.

Before going, Marlon caught this snapshot of our very own Garfield, although we have named him Fatfield...err...Chatfield.

Meanwhile, Sammy found a new technique to drink water and demonstrated it in this video.

So you CAN teach an old CAT new tricks.

The excitement mounted as we approached the parking lot entrance to The Magic Kingdom. The lines of cars stretched on for miles.

Magic Kingdom pictures would not be complete without a shot of Cinderella's Castle.

Many nights throughout October, The Magic Kingdom held Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. As a separate ticket was required for this event, the park would "close" at 7:00 pm for the party.

Not So Scary Halloween Partygoers dressed in nearly every costume imaginable. Ironically, many leaned toward a Disney theme.

Captain Jack Sparrow, among others, was in attendance.

Snow White and her wicked stepmother were also a popular choice for the night.

You know you're in Mouse land when full grown plants take on this shape.

For more pictures of our Magic Kingdom Visit #1, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2007/october/magickingdomvisit1/ .

To be continued...

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