October 9, 2007

The Great Outdoors Resort, Titusville, Florida

Next we headed to The Great Outdoors RV, Nature & Golf Resort. But we'll just refer to it as The Great Outdoors from here on out. The Great Outdoors is located in Titusville, Florida and is just 12 miles from the NASA Visitor Center at the Kennedy Space Center.

All of the RV sites at The Great Outdoors are deeded to individual owners and are quite large. There are several different types of properties at the park. Property in the park sells from $69,900 for a basic RV site all the way up to $800,000 for a resort home with RV garage.

Our street came with its very own family of cranes.

Although we didn't see any, apparently there are also alligators prowling around the property now and then.

Deer are seen at all times of the day and night in many sections of the park. This deer was enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature trail while we were bicycling down it.

This marked the first time we had removed the bikes from the RV to ride them. Hopefully, we will do it more often in the future.

Marlon put together a video of the nature trail at The Great Outdoors. Click below to view it.
Sammy finds peace and relaxation in the plush driver's seat.

Rving presents plenty of opportunity to learn how to play shuffleboard if the desire ever hits.

This stream is nestled away behind residences on the nature trail.

We had our first annual service for the motorhome here at The Great Outdoors, including an oil change for the engine and generator as well as a new fuel filter.

While the motorhome was in service they loaned us an electric golf cart to explore the park. Driving the golf cart reminded Marlon of his Toyota Prius.

Deer stop and wonder at the golf carts as they fly by.

There's one of our new filters now.

We stayed exactly a week here at The Great Outdoors venturing out to Cocoa Beach and Titusville a few times and simply relaxing. A visit to the Kennedy Space Center was planned for October 23rd to coincide with the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.

For more pictures of The Great Outdoors, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2007/october/the-great-outdoors--1/ .

To be continued...

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