September 27, 2007

French Quarter & Super City Tour

Following the Hurricane Katrina Tour we had a couple of hours before we took our Super City Tour, so we walked around the French Quarter and down Bourbon Street.

New Orleans wants you to know that the French Quarter, and most everything tourists come to New Orleans for, is open for business.

Whoever owns this door wants you to know its lack of importance.

The Super City Tour was another bus tour which gave brief overviews of the City and its history...which included a brief view of another FEMA trailer park.

We also viewed several homes in The Garden District.

Marlon caught a little bit of footage as we drove through The Garden District.

Right outside one of the older St. Louis Cemeteries (there are 3), we viewed this school parade.

This is one of the St. Louis Cemeteries where whole families are encased in a monument. A detailed description of these "Cities of the Dead" can be found at .

We also viewed both the Loyola and Tulane University campuses on this tour.

Here's the bus we rode in. It was about twice the size of the Hurricane Katrina bus but had only half the passengers.

Back in The French Quarter, we waited for someone to toss us down some beads.

We found this guy, Hand Grenade, at one of the Tropical Isle bars on Bourbon Street. We decided we needed to try a couple of Hand Grenade drinks...not bad at all. When you're on Bourbon Street, try one or two.

Here, Hand Grenade shows us a trick.

It was now about 6:00 pm and Bourbon Street was still very subdued. That would change in a few hours.

The Cajun Country Store on Bourbon Street had this recommendation for future hurricanes.

Bourbon Street is populated by street performers such as these cowboy statues much the same way we have seen in both Key West and Honolulu.

A tall New Orleans building...

For more pictures of The French Quarter and our Super City Tour, go to .

To be continued...

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