October 20, 2007

Frank, Joyce & Kids Come to Visit

Marlon's step-brother Frank came to visit with his family from Sebring, Florida. Frank and Joyce and kids, Aron and Austin, were welcoming us to Florida.

First, Aron gave us a show from his inventory of card tricks...

and Austin gave us some lessons in the fine art of somersaults.

Then the family treated us to one their favorite restaurants in Orlando, Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen. The chips were so good, Doug ate a couple of bowls of chips by himself.

Then we all headed over to Pirate's Cove for a little miniature golf action.

A group photo between holes.

Frank and sons after the game...Aron and Austin look excited to don the pirate hat...well Austin does anyway.

They were BOTH excited to see their parents in the pillory.

But Austin was more excited when we went to Fun Spot. Here he and Joyce are about to ram Aron in the bumper cars.

Hey, are you looking at me?

Time for Frank and Austin to take a few laps around the go-cart track.

Then Aron is ready to soak 'em in the bumper boats...

and soak Marlon and Austin he did.

Here's a video of Austin enjoying the fun.

For more pictures of this evening, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2007/october/franks-family-take-/ .

To be continued...

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