September 13, 2007

Branda & Jeremy at the Little Rock Air Force Base

Today we went to visit Branda and Jeremy, Doug's cousin and her husband, at their house located on the Little Rock Air Force Base.

Mr. Vittles welcomed us by rolling on the floor.

And then Marlon caught Mr. Vittles and Branda in a very brief video.

Branda's youngest cat was glad we were there but wondered what that thing was we were holding in his face.

Branda makes candles and also makes candle kits which she sells on her Ebay storefront. Here she shows us a big spool of candle wick.

Jeremy is preparing the main course of the day.

The main course was sitting on the counter moments before when we decided that Cashew Kitty sounded pretty darn good.

Actually he would be guarding the food for us as Branda and Jeremy took us on a tour of the base.

The Little Rock Air Force base maintains an outdoor museum-type display of a wide variety of aircraft from the history of the Air Force.

Hold that plane!

Branda attempted to demonstrate her strength by pulling the sword from the stone but was, alas, unsuccessful.

Marlon, however, WAS successful in his first attempt at cooking. Here he melts butter in a pan.

Jeremy showed us how to make homemade shrimp egg rolls. Of course, supervision was necessary in case any shrimp fell on the floor.

A brief cameo appearance was made by these two pooches, while 2 other cats in the house remained virtually hidden.

One final picture of Jeremy and Branda before heading back to Hot Springs.

For more pictures of our visit with Branda and Jeremy, go to .

To be continued...

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