September 5, 2007

Superman is on Route 66 in Carterville, Missouri

After the family dinner Marlon, Doug and Aunt Patty headed over to Supertam on 66 Ice Cream Parlor and Museum. Owned and operated by Doug's uncle, Larry TAMminen, this Superman Museum and Ice Cream Parlor opened in 2006.

We showed up just before closing as you can see, but there was still time for ice cream. Let's face it, there's always time for ice cream.

Doug, Larry and Marlon pose for a shot.

The view through the front door.

This is a version of Superman which Larry commissioned from a local artist.

Larry attended the 2004 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois where he visited with Lois Lane of the Superman Movies, Margot Kidder.

Originally called Superman on 66, the Ice Cream Parlor showcases Superman Ice Cream which is red (strawberry), yellow (lemon) and blue (bubble gum). What a combo!

The Museum boasts a huge collection of Superman memorabilia which is 30 years in the making.

Larry's collection continues to grow as customers often bring items in for Larry to add to the museum.

Check out the old Superman lunch boxes which should bring back memories for anyone over 35.

The bathroom is decorated with original 1970's Super Jr.'s wallpaper.

A collection of Route 66 memorabilia is also featured as Larry is also involved, along with Doug's dad, Bob (his brother), in the effort to keep Route 66 alive.

Here's a link to a Route 66 website all about Carterville and the other Route 66 businesses nearby.

Here Larry shows us another really neat thing at the store. All new customers get their picture taken on their first visit (including us). Larry then prints the photos out and frames them for display. Pretty cool idea!

Click below for a video of Supertam on 66.

We wish Larry the best of luck with his Ice Cream Parlor and Museum which he runs in the evenings after his full-time job.

If you're ever near Joplin, head on over to Route 66 (Main Street) in Carterville and check it out.

After having ice cream at Supertam on 66, head down the road to Carthage on West Fir St. and try Shake's Frozen Custard, owned and operated by Doug's cousin, Mike and Mike's wife, Jill.

After ice cream and frozen custard, you'll probably have a brain freeze.

For more pictures of Supertam on 66, go to .

To be continued...


Aunt Terri said...

HEY! This is Aunt Terri...Great pics of the Ice Cream Parlor! Love you both!

Aunt Patty said...

Hi Doug and Marlon,
If I had known you were recording this for your web site, I would have kept my mouth shut.
Neat advertisement for both SuperTam on 66 and Shake's.
Hope all is well with you.
Love you both, Aunt Patty