September 19, 2007

Shiloh's Lake Bruin Resort, St. Joseph, LA

Today we left Hot Springs, Arkansas and headed for Monroe, Louisiana to visit one of our two home parks. However, because we had just called the day before for a reservation, there were no rv sites available when we arrived. Hopefully, this will not happen often!

So we continued down to our other home park located much more rurally in St. Joseph, Louisiana. Here we were the only visitors. While our pictures show other rvs, most of them are either rental units or units people leave on site during the summer.

Here's where we of the only spots without trees overhead.
Here we are on the dock at Shiloh on the shore of Lake Bruin.

These weird-looking trees grew in the lake near the shore.

Doug shot this picture of the sunset as Marlon bobbed around in the water.

That was NOT Marlon in the water...not sure WHAT it was.

Across the road from Shiloh were fields of cotton. It was almost cotton pickin' time as evidenced by this picture.

We would be spending 6 nights here at Shiloh's Lake Bruin Resort. Due to its relative isolation, we would be doing a lot of relaxing.

However, we were only about 50 miles away from the site of the end of The Civil War (The War, as they still call it down here) at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

For more pictures of Shiloh, go to .

To be continued...

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