August 12, 2007

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure-Salina, Kansas

Today we ventured 38 miles west (yes back toward where we had already come from) to visit Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure.

Rolling Hills opened in 1999 with a zoo and then added a wildlife museum in 2005.

This Chilean Flamingo was searching for a feast.

Here are a couple of black tailed prairie dogs braving the heat.

I (Doug) crawled through a tunnel in order to enter this glass cube to view the American Black Bear (we think). The bear can be seen way back behind the glass cube on the left. We waited for him to come closer but he was otherwise involved.

It was too hot for Marlon, so he paid $3 to ride the train through the zoo all day long.

Actually, it was a great way to get the feel of the layout of the zoo. It also saved us a lot of reading as the driver of the tram told us pretty much everything we would ever want to know about every animal in the park.

This little guy is a capybara. Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world.

The giraffe catching us peeking through the trees.

Just like humans do, this orangutan fell asleep while reading.

This log must have been filled with a tasty treat as the chimpanzee would insert this stick in a hole in the log and then lick the stick. Yum!

When we got on the train to go to the Museum at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure the driver told us it was so hot that there was only 2 other people in the zoo (this was at 3:00pm). Doug appears to be ready for some AC.

This is a "Lion King"-like exhibit in the museum.

Marlon tries to get a signal to make a phone call.

Marlon visited Rolling Hills Zoo and all he got was this picture of himself beside a sign that says "I visited Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina KS."

Now that our visit to Rolling Hills was over, it was time to head back to the RV and get ready for the next morning's journey on to St. Joseph, Missouri to visit Marlon's family and friends.

To see the rest of the pictures taken at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure go to .

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

That viewing pod that doug was in at the bear exhibit is an awesome idea...I mean...I know you guys did not come up with it, but way to make use of it Doug!!

--sean (aka woody)