August 14, 2007

Next Stop-Sharp RV Park and Trina's House

Today we arrived at Sharp RV Park. It was situated about halfway between St. Joseph and Marlon's sister Trina's house in Savannah, Missouri.

Here was our site. It was one of only a few pull-thru sites in the park.

We sat on the upper level of the park overlooking the motorhomes and fifth wheels on the lower level.

Here we ran into something we hadn't ever seen or at least noticed before---these creepy webworms.

Apparently webworms are common in high humidity areas and areas of extended heavy rain. These can be found in the northern USA and all the way down into Texas. They are pretty harmless to mature trees but can strip a sapling of all of its foliage.

The Cuckoo Bird is a common predator, opening the nest with its downward-curving bill and dining on the occupants.

Speaking of Cuckoos, that evening we went to Trina's house for hot dogs and swimming. This is Trina.

This is not a hot dog. This is Casey, Trina's owner.

Here's Mason, Trina's grandson, ready for the pool.

Mason's mom, Jennifer, thinks she may have a kidney stone.

Jennifer's husband, Shannon, decides it's time to cook the dogs.

Mmm...acid reflux here we come.

Marlon finds time to take a dip so he can soak Doug.

Nighttime comes and the water wars continued as Doug and Mason were pitted against Marlon and Dillon, Mason's older brother.

Trina takes comfort in knowing no one has the cojones to turn the Super Soaker on her.

The next day we came back to Trina's house for some more visiting.

Then Marlon and Trina attempted a deep knee bend.

They almost made it.

For more pictures of the pool party and Sharp RV Park, go to and .

To be continued...


Anonymous said...


Shannon's cookin' is makin' me hungry.

--sean (aka woody)

Frank said...

I'm sorry, but I would have definitely givin her a squirt or two.