August 18, 2007

Mom Buys a Townhouse and Alan Has a Luau

This morning we went to look at the townhouse Marlon's mom, Angie, was in the process of purchasing. Here are some pictures of it.

It has an open kitchen. Behind the sink and dishwasher, the kitchen opens to the living room.

This is the view from the back patio.

This is her patio. She already plans on screening it in soon.

Closing on the townhouse is set for October 1.

On Saturday night, we headed to the house of Marlon's brother, Alan. Alan and Susan (his girlfriend) were hosting a Luau party for family and friends.

Here are Marlon, Susan and Alan. Each guest was given a traditional "leiing" by the hosts.

Doug was able to find a palm tree to duck under.

This is the bridge over Alan's fish pond. The pond is stocked with many fish, most of them nishikigoi (more commonly known as koi).

Koi are believed to have originated from Eastern Asia. Koi and tattoos of koi are traditionally considered lucky.

Dillon, Marlon's 15 year old GRAND nephew, has a Hawaiian drink. The GRAND makes Marlon feel old.

Dillon, Trina, Mason and Maya (Susan's neice) after eating a delicious meal of steak and chicken kabobs, mango salsa and chips, potato salad and cake.

Maya was learning the hula hoop for the first time.

While Mason appeared to be an old hand at it.

Jennifer and Shannon are the proud parents of proficient hula-hooper, Mason. Delbert, Trina's husband, shares in the pride.

Thanks to Alan and Susan for a good time!

For more pictures of Angie's new townhouse, go to . More luau pictures are at .

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Here I thought the term was "great" uncle or nephew, not "grand".

Maybe it's a regional thing.

BTW, great pix...and good job Doug!!

--sean (aka woody)