September 12, 2007

Lake Hamilton RV Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Today we left Branson and headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas where we would be staying at Lake Hamilton RV Park.

Here was the view out the front window (we cheated and took the picture outside). We would be keeping this view unless and until someone parked in the lakeside site in front of us.

Here was our site. As you can see, sometimes we have to adjust our positioning in the site to account for the full-wall slide and trees. We are actually farther away from the hookups than we might normally be and this decreases the patio area on the entrance side of the RV, but that pesky innocent looking tree was a little too big and had prickly things on it.

Here we are from afar with a decent looking sunset above us.

Here we are from anear. Note Doug's $7 haircut he got in Branson at a beauty school!

This family was camped very near us and came running up to us a honking.

We gave in and let them have some old stale crackers. They didn't seem to mind.

Chatfield took a break from his bowl and sang us a song.

For more pictures of Lake Hamilton RV Park on our arrival, go to .

To be continued...

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