September 14, 2007

Hot Springs Visitors and Hawgs

Today David and Bobby, two friends of ours who used to live in Kansas City, came down to Hot Springs to visit us from the Memphis area, where they now live.

We showed them the Majestic Hotel below. Built in 1902, the Majestic closed for business in October 2006 when it was sold to ARC of Arkansas.

Their plans are to restore the building with historical accuracy and make it into a residential and commercial development.

Then we went to learn about the history of Hot Springs National Park at the Visitor Center. For inside pictures of the Visitor Center, be sure and use the link at the bottom of the page.

While at the visitor's center, Doug attempted to break the camera by taking this picture. It didn't work.

This is the view from the pool area of The Arlington Hotel...another historic hotel in Downtown Hot Springs. Owned by the previous owners of The Majestic, this hotel is also up for sale. That's the Hot Springs Observation Tower in the distance.

Here's a couple of lushes we encountered at the poolside bar.

Here's several of the motorcycles we encountered while we were in Hot Springs. This is but a few of the THOUSANDS of motorcycles in town this weekend as the 2nd Annual Hot Springs Rally was underway.

And the police escorted Friday Night Parade was just about to begin.

Here's a motorcycle that would be about our speed.

Marlon caught some of the parade on video as evidence that, yes, we WERE there.

Then we went swimming.

For more pictures of today, go to .

To be continued...

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