September 9, 2007

Fall Creek Resort and Branson Part 1

Today we left Carthage, Missouri and family behind to head on down the road to Branson, Missouri. Final destination Davenport, Florida.

We would be staying at Fall Creek Resort for 5 nights. Here was our campsite.

The sites seemed a little closer than most we had been in so far. But besides staying at the Palmer house for free, this resort was the lowest price we had paid for an RV site yet-$8.00 per night plus tax. It was part of the Coast to Coast Camping network which we joined in March with over 300 resorts around the country members can stay at for $8.00 per night. So far we had paid an average of about $20 per night everywhere we had been.

Fall Creek Resort is a huge complex consisting of 3 different campgrounds, multiple buildings which look like hotel rooms and multiple buildings of condos.

Here's Marlon relaxing in front of one of the ponds on the property.

Doug decides to stop on the bridge and contemplate life.

Marlon challenged Doug to a game of checkers...and won. Doug thinks and knows that checkers is a boring and stupid game.

Marlon's mom, Angie, just happened to be in Branson for the weekend with Georgie, Jack and Tanis. They all stopped by to visit us after their Saturday morning shopping spree across the border in Arkansas.

Sunday, we sought out show information. As it had just entered off season, our choices seemed to be somewhat limited. But we WERE able to find a show that we thought we would enjoy.

We opted for the Hamner Barber Variety Show. This show combines a little song, dance and comedy with a lot of magic and ventriloquism. We DID enjoy this show.

Co-Star of the Show Dave Hamner posed with Co-Star of the Blog Marlon.

Other Co-Star of the Show Jim Barber posed with Other Co-Star of the Blog Doug.

After the show we drove around Branson and happened upon the Table Rock Dam. This photo is of the Table Rock Dam Powerhouse.

We took the scenic drive above Branson to take this picture. We could actually make out the RV in the distance.

Here's the Co-Stars of the Blog. Again.

Sunday night we decided to go swimming and walked over to the activity center. Here's a view of Fall Creek Resort at night.

It took about 5 tries to get this non-blurry picture of Marlon swimming (he swims too fast).

For more pictures of Branson Part 1 go to and and .

To be continued...

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