August 17, 2007

Exploring with Marlon's Dad

Today we went up near Rea, Missouri to pick up Marlon's dad, Monty. He would be our tour guide today.

First, we went to observe the Bluegrass Ridge Wind Farm. This facility is located near King City, Missouri.

The 27 Suzlon S-88 turbines are some of the largest and most powerful in the world. Each stands 260 feet, has 3 140 foot long blades and has the capacity to generate 2.1 megawatts.

Here is a video of the turbines in action. Right now the square is black, just click on the play button and the video will begin.

Next we headed to Conception, Missouri. There we were going to eat lunch and go on a self-guided tour of Conception Abbey.

Monty had recently been on a guided tour of The Abbey with a group from his Baptist Church and thought it would be a neat thing for us to see. And as evidenced by the following pictures, it WAS very impressive.

This church was originally completed in 1891. Upon its 50th Anniversary in 1941, Pope Pius XII designated the church of Conception Abbey a minor basilica. This honorary title was given to churches which were considered spiritual centers and Conception Abbey was the first such basilica west of the Mississippi River.

In 1999, a two decades long Basilica renewal project costing $9 million was completed.

Look at the size of those organ pipes! The smallest one is about the size of a pencil. The biggest one is almost big enough a man to stand in.

Monty and Doug stop for a picture outside Conception Abbey after lunch and tour.

The next stop for the day was in Clyde, Missouri. There we would be taking a guided tour of the monastery of The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

There was a room full of tapestries which we were not able to take pictures of, but the rest of the tour was open for pictures.

This is a room full of relics. What is a relic? Basically, relics can be physical remains of saints or items such as clothing which have been touched by saints.

This is Saint Beatrice, the Martyr. This relic display contains actual parts of the saint's body, including the bones of her hands and feet.

This was one of many bejeweled solid gold items in the monastery.

Next we went to view the inside of the church at the monastery.

Our tour guide, Sister Jacqueline, poses with Marlon and his dad. Sister Jacqueline has been a nun for 53 years.

Next Monty took us to Maryville to show us his gravestone.

Monty's wife, Marlon's stepmom, Jeri, joined us later to go to dinner.

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To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

The site looks great. Good commentary also.

What bonehead was taking video in portrait mode? Well, at least someone got them straightened out ;D.

--sean (aka woody)