August 20, 2007

Day with Marlon's Mom

Today we spent the day with Marlon's mom, Angie and her cat, Callie. We visited her in her apartment, which she will be vacating soon to move into her new townhouse.

Here is a rare picture of Doug holding Callie on his lap. She did not stay there for long.

Here's Angie perusing her brand-new Sprint bill for her new hot red Razor phone.

Marlon hooked up his mom's new LCD tv for her.

Marlon and Mom-Angie's porch is the one on the left-all of the flowers are hers.

We then went to visit Hunt's Grandview Orchard near Amazonia, Missouri. We forgot to take pictures but during the fall they have hay rides and a petting farm. While there Marlon tried their apple cider and gave it a thumbs up.

Next, we took a drive out toward Rosecrans Memorial Airport and saw this sight, somewhat reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

Some of the aircraft at Rosecrans Memorial Airport 3 miles northwest of St. Joseph, Missouri. Rosecrans is used for general aviation as well as being one of two bases for the Missouri Air National Guard.

After eating with Angie at Ryan's Restaurant, Marlon and Doug returned to the motorhome and came across this unusual sight.

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To be continued...

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