August 9, 2007

Colorado The Final Days

The day we checked out of Cherry Creek State Park, we took the RV to the RV dealer to have our backup camera adjusted. We could not see all of the tow car, let alone ANY of the cars in the lanes on either side of the tow car. We were there all day as the part that came from the manufacturer to make the adjustment to the camera was not painted, so we had to wait for the paint to dry. Now that the camera had a decent view of the road behind us, we could safely change lanes.

After leaving the dealership, we headed to a public scale to see whether or not we were overweight in the RV. We came in at 31,860 pounds with full diesel and full water tanks and with all occupants in the house. We were happy to find out we had 1,140 pounds of additional carrying capacity, but faced with a puzzle as the rear end of the motorhome was overweight by about 320 pounds while the front end had 1,460 pounds more it could carry. Time to do some rearranging...

Stick with me here...I left something out. On the way to the public scale, we were on the highway and got a nice big rock flung at us by a pickup truck which hit our windshield maybe 2 inches from the top and made a nice silver dollar sized rainbow shaped crack. This was our first such incident and luckily Safelite was able to fix it so that it is almost completely unnoticeable.

Although we had our house sold at this point, we had A LOT of stuff at our friend Carol's house to arrange for storage and a garage sale. She was already planning on participating in a neighborhood sale and offered to sell our stuff for us in her sale. Being clueless about having a garage sale, we were grateful for her offer. So we headed back to Chatfield for another 4 day stay using Marlon's name to get around the "2 week limit in 45 days" rule. We had this great back-in site.

Having come up against a Saturday night at Chatfield where absolutely NO campsites were available, it was time to move on. We moved up to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds at 6th and Indiana in Golden. Here we got to see how we would get by with 30-amp service (the RV normally uses 50-amp) which only runs 1 air conditioner on the RV at a time. Not such a problem except that it was at least 95 degrees at this point and the humidity was at a rare level for Colorado.

We learned a lot about energy management while here and managed to survive the heat and not cook the cats. While we were here, the carnival arrived for the County Fair which was to take place the next weekend.

We ended up staying here for 5 nights, 3 nights longer than originally planned. Besides finally getting all our stuff organized to sell and store, this is what we did...

Ate at Red Lobster with Carol.

Had dinner with our friends Kevin and Terry. They are raising their head high to conceal their double chins, not that they have any.

Ate as many free cookies as we could as free cookies are not going to be an everyday occurrence in retirement.

And had one final farewell dinner with Carol.

And then, on Thursday, August 9th, we found ourselves heading east, leaving the Centennial State of Colorado---our home for 13 years---and heading toward the Sunflower State of Kansas.

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To be continued...

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