August 30, 2007

Brian & Leslie's House & Visiting a Friend

Today we traveled by car to Lee's Summit, Missouri to visit Brian, Doug's younger brother, and Leslie, Brian's wife of 3 years.

Brian greeted Doug at the door.

Buster the Cat wanted to know what we were doing in his house pointing that thing in his face.

Brian works for Sprint as some sort of computer guru. He helped us figure out our new internet telephone which can use wifi networks to make phone calls.

Leslie is an art teacher teaching Kindergarten thru 2nd grade. These little items are Capsters which Leslie makes from bottle caps. Each one has either a magnet or a zipper pull.

Buster shows us how he loves to drink out of the bathroom faucet.

Leslie shows us her bathroom which contains most of her frog collection.

This is Heidi, one of their hermit crabs (Perhaps spelled Hidey as their other hermit crab is Spidey).

This is Hidey the cat who wouldn't let us get within 10 feet of her. Actually her name is Cassidy.

After our visit, one last shot of Doug, Brian and Leslie.

Brian has come along way from the clothes basket days.

On the way back to Independence we stopped off and visited with Cynthia Moran. Doug and Cynthia worked together at Lofgren & Company CPA's in the early '90s.

She had just recently fell in a hole in her yard and advised us to stay away from holes in our travels.

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To be continued...

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