September 11, 2007

Branson Part 2 Titanic and Variety Show

Today we went to see the Titanic Museum which is the largest museum in the world devoted to the subject.

We were quite frustrated to pay over $20 per person and then not be allowed to take photographs anywhere inside the museum. No flash photography..okay..but what about pictures without a flash and videos...But can of course buy a video of the museum for another $20...NOT.

The museum was pretty interesting with its artifacts and information.

We were rebels and managed to snap this picture in the restroom.
After arriving back from Titanic, we attended a Variety Show in the activity center of Fall Creek Resort. It had a Mexican Fiesta theme.

The party included an "all you can put on your plate at one time" mexican buffet and performances by many of the stars of Branson area shows.

We managed to capture some video of the performances and put it together in a video below.

One star, Lisa Layne, sings the hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You." She let us take this picture with Marlon.

Marlon enjoyed playing in the sand at Fall Creek Resort with this Tonka truck.

For more pictures of Branson Part 2 go to .

To be continued...

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wendy said...

You can't take pictures in the Titantic Museum because not all of the items belong to the museum. You get into copyright problems if you let people take pictures. Yes it does work out for the museum because they make more money by selling videos and pictures that they take. Just thought I'd let you know.