July 9, 2007

Moving out of the house and into the RV

We decided to begin moving into the RV 18 days prior to closing on the house to give us plenty of time to sort out our stuff. Moving from a house without the benefit of having another house to move into can be quite a brain teaser. Even though the RV is pretty big by RV standards, it doesn't hold but a fraction of the contents of a house. So we had 1) stuff to sell 2) stuff to store in one room at a friend's house 3) stuff to donate 4) stuff to throw away 5) stuff to put in the RV. Dividing all the stuff into these 5 categories took a very frustrating 3 weeks or more.

Anyway, we removed the RV from storage the day after my last shift at The Lodge Casino (a rough 6pm to 9:30pm shift on Sunday, July 8th, 2007). We then stayed at Chatfield State Park for 2 weeks (they have a two-week limit in 45 days).

Then we were off to Cherry Creek State Park where we stayed July 23-31. This was our originally planned date of departure from Colorado. But we would remain in town a little longer. Here was our site at Cherry Creek.

We had some friends drop by a visit...they really enjoyed the accomodations and decided to move in and take over. Boy, were THEY a couple of animals.

This is Mr. Chatfield on the left and Miss Sammy on the right. We'll tell you more about these friends later.

While at Cherry Creek, we finally hooked up our tow car to the RV for the first time. We were pretty nervous about getting everything right, so it took a couple of hours.

At this point, we began to think we may need a drop receiver to lower the hitch on the motorhome.

We closed on our house while we were here at Cherry Creek.

To see more pictures of us here at Cherry Creek, including some other friends who stopped by for a visit, go to http://public.fotki.com/Marlonfleenor/1/2007/july/camping-at-cherry-c/ .

To be continued...

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Have a great trip guys, and stay in touch! Cynthia