August 11, 2007

Wamego, Kansas-Population 4,246

While staying in Abilene, we decided to see a few of the sites nearby. On Saturday, we went to Wamego, Kansas to visit the Oz Museum.

While there we learned a lot about the history of the Frank Oz book and its sequels. We also watched a couple of videos on the making of the 1939 movie. We found out that Buddy Ebsen (aka Jed Clampett and Barnaby Jones) was originally cast as the Scarecrow. Ray Bolger had been cast as the Tin Man. Bolger persuaded Ebsen and the studio to switch the actors' roles. However, Ebsen had an allergic reaction to the aluminum dust used in the Tin Man's costume and was hospitalized for 2 weeks and replaced by Jack Haley.

The Deadly Poppy Fields proved tiring to Marlon...

Across the street from The Oz Museum we ate at The Friendly Cooker. This is the only restaurant we have eaten at so far that charges you 10 cents (!) when you ask for "everything" on your pork tenderloin sandwich. Apparently the price on the menu does not include "everything".

Then we headed over to see The Old Dutch Mill pictured on The Friendly Cooker's menu. This mill was built 12 miles outside of town by a Dutch immigrant in 1879 and moved to town in 1925 stone by stone. Each stone was numbered and the Mill was reassembled exactly like it had been originally. The Mill currently sits on the grounds of the Wamego Museum which consists of several old buildings from the 1800's.

The Old Dutch Mill and Museum are located on one end of the Wamego City Park.

Overall, Wamego was a nice little town. If we had gotten around a little earlier, we might have found some other things to see...maybe next time.

By the way, did we mention it was kind of hot here?

For more pictures of the Oz Museum, The Old Dutch Mill and Wamego City Park go to: .

To be continued...

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